We spent three years perfecting Fotonaut. We made adjustments, improvements, and finally, we perfected it. We used it at over 3.400 events ourselves, so we could see exactly what was needed and how it should work. We have fine tuned its design and functionality to be perfect, awesome, and something you are going to love. From Coca-Cola and Red Bull to Ikea and Nestlé, Fotonaut has been successfully used by major players around the world and locally.

Fotonaut has been used at major corporate events for such companies as:

Our clients

Fotonaut sophistication to the smallest detail captivated me. Completely fulfilled our expectations, how product of the 21st century look like and work.

Richard Olivier / Coca Cola

Luxury design of Fotonaut blends beautifully into the environment of our boutique.

Michael Birner / Louis Vuitton

We collaborated with the Fotonaut on yearlong campaign to the maximum satisfaction of our customers.

Peter Bondy / Nestlé

The great thing for our events, everyone received a photo with our brand.

Dereck Thomas / Red Bull

High-end device, a professional attitude, beautiful photos. Thank you.

Marie Silva / Emirates

Guests controlled Fotonaut by themselves and instantly shared photos on their profiles on social networks. Great.

Daniela Gutvirth / Ikea

Case study

Thinking about Fotonaut as a resource for your business? In the USA alone are held more than 10 million events a year.

While just 10 of them, your investment in Fotonaut will returned. Maybe you want to inspire with our STORY.