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In the field of photo booth production, Fotonaut is among the world’s top. Why?

  • we received 5 international design awards for its unique look
  • we use our own software that we’ve perfected for 7 years, and thanks to it we offer easy-to-use controls, beautiful photos and links to our mobile app (iOS & Android)
  • Fotonaut was tested by an official laboratory that has granted it CE and CB certification. Therefore it can be legally used in European and world markets
  • all possible photo booth features: chroma key, video, boomerang, slo-mo and gif mode

Fotonaut offers an unrivalled range of features and is therefore the ultimate All-In-One solution for photo booth business.


This is not your ordinary photobooth. It’s a ticket to a whole new dimension, with you in the driver’s seat. Fotonaut is so stylish that even some of the most well-known design icons are using it. It’s sophisticated, high-tech, and comes in a small package that is easy manage. It’s the size of a professional photobooth, with the technology and capabilities of an entire photo department.

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Do the math!

When you hire a high-quality photobooth from external companies, you might have to pay as much as 1.300 EUR for a single night. How about investing in your own device and improve your earnings from every event?

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