Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions about FOTONAUT? See if you can find an answer, if not, it’s easy to contact us at info@thefotonaut.com

  • How do I purchase the FOTONAUT?

    Given the size of the price tag, it’s not possible to simply order Fotonaut through e-shop and pay with a credit card or PayPal. Therefore it’s best to contact us. Together we will figure out all the details concerning the order, delivery and payment by bank transfer.

  • How long is the delivery time?

    We have Fotonaut in stock unlike the majority of our competition and we are able to deliver Fotonaut to you immediately. Thus the duration of delivery depends only on the means of transfer from Europe to you.

  • What kind of payments are accepted?

    With purchase of components it’s possible to pay with a credit card or PayPal. However It’s necessary to pay for Fotonaut via bank transfer due the cost.

  • Will I be trained on how to operate the FOTONAUT?

    Together with Fotonaut you will receive a complete manual on how to simply operate Fotonaut. We’ll add a special pamphlet which summarizes our 6 year long experience in the field including tips, what to watch out for and how to reach the best results.

  • Does your FOTONAUT print?

    Naturally, without it, Fotonaut would lose 90% of it’s magic which people love. It’s possible to print and give out hundreds of photos in one evening even without online connection.

  • Does your FOTONAUT share to social networks?

    You can send photos to e-mail directly from Fotonaut and thanks to the mobile app it’s possible to download the photos and share it across all social networks. With these functions you’re using our servers and data storages, thus it’s necessary to subscribe to Fotonaut program online.

  • Does FOTONAUT come ready to be used out of the box?

    You’ll receive Fotonaut completely installed and ready for use right after taking it out of box. Naturally with a complete manual and tips and trick, which we’ve gathered in 6 years and more than 2.900 events.

  • Is FOTONAUT already in a package that's suitable for transport from event to event?

    Fotonaut will be delivered in a way you’ll get it without any damage being done even across half the world. Though, this packaging isn’t ment for transporting Fotonaut across events. For these purposes visit our e-shop, where you can purchase practical cases which will keep Fotonaut safe on it’s way to events.

  • How is FOTONAUT powered?

    We have two versions of Fotonaut, 220 V and 110 V both with an input up to 1kW with many variations of plugs specifically for your country. So don’t worry, we thought about that too and you won’t need any special connection for Fotonaut.

  • Where is your FOTONAUT made?

    Since we want the entire process of production under our supervision, Fotonaut is being made in Czech Republic, in the heart of Europe Union. Even though production in China would be easier and cheaper, we wouldn’t be able to guarantee the highest quality and we do not want to travel this road.

  • Is FOTONAUT safe and certified product?

    Fotonaut is one of the few photobooths in the whole world who have complete homologation and certifications needed for safe application of technical devices within Europe Union and North America.

  • Is it possible to make FOTONAUT branded?

    Are you a big brand who’s interested in Fotonaut but you’d like Fotonaut specifically with your logo and in your design? Give us a call. Since we’re the direct producers of these designed photobooths, we’re able to satisfy your demands in the most various ways of their appearance.

  • How can I connect FOTONAUT to the internet?

    Every Fotonaut can be easily connected to wi-fi network in it’s vicinity for just a simple software update. For sending photos to e-mail and sharing to social networks it’s necessary to subscribe to online program in which you’ll be able to use our servers and data storage.

  • What is the second display for?

    You can send photos to e-mail or download them into the mobile app and share them across social networks with the second display, while your guests keep taking photos.

  • Does FOTONAUT have live preview?

    Fotonaut is one of the very few photobooths who offer live preview. This way people can see themselves right on the main screen and pose to look their best.

  • What is the capacity of the printer?

    Inside of Fotonaut you can find large capacity sublimation printer with cartridge of 800 photos in 10 x 15 cm proportions. We’re talking about a mobile printer with one of the largest cartridges in the whole world, so you won’t have to worry about changing the cartridge several times during one evening and interrupting your guests and the fun of photo shooting.

  • Can the photo be edited with layouts?

    You can upload all of your graphic into Fotonaut’s software which places itself ever the taken photo. It could be a logo, name of the event, date, product, simply put just about anything your graphic artist can create.

  • Can I purchase backgrounds and props?

    We thought about the best way to offer you this service, but in the end we came to a conclusion that sending backgrounds and props which can be made by the majority of printing offices in your city isn’t very economical. We’d be happy to advice you then, with which materials we print our backgrounds and how we make our props but in all regards it’s best if you contact the printing office in your city.

  • Is FOTONAUT multilingual?

    At the moment Fotonaut is able to communicate with your guests in 4 languages – english, german, russian and spanish. But don’t worry, with every Fotonaut sold we’re automatically adding languages, which you’ll need for your country.

  • Can the software shoot with a green screen?

    We were wondering in which way we’ll go in the beginning. We’ve known many photobooths which use green screen, but couldn’t obviously reach the expectations we’ve had and requested from a premium photobooth. Until one day when everything changed as we developed our own keying technology which is close to perfection!

  • Can the software record a video?

    Not only videos. You can record boomerang and slow motion videos as well.

  • Can the software shoot black and white images?

    Naturally 🙂 You can easily choose this setting in the Fotonaut’s options menu.

  • Can the software shoot GIFs?

    Naturally. We live in the 21st centuary and taking this option away from your customers and guests would be a shame. Anyway they’ll receive a printed out photo from Instranaut, moving GIF can be immediately shared to social networks and send to e-mail.

  • Where do I purchase paper and ink?

    We’re the official distributors of ink into Fotonaut’s printers. That’s why we can regularly deliver papers and ink to you with prices comparable to wholesale sell.

  • Is FOTONAUT under a warranty?

    Naturally. All devices sold to company subjects come under standard legal one year warranty.

  • What if something on my FOTONAUT gets scratched?

    The warranty does not relate to this type of wear and tear, nonetheless don’t be shy to give us a call. We can send you almost any replacable part, so your Fotonaut looks still new even after a few years of use.

  • How many people can fit into a single photo?

    We’re shooting our guests in a half detail from their waist up so they become apparent in the photo. That’s why it cannot be expected to take a photo of a group of 30 people for example. Nevertheless with a little bit of effort we’re able to shoot groups of 10-15 people without a problem.

  • In what proportions does FOTONAUT print?

    You can choose between 10 x 15 cm and 15 x 20 cm by standard. Still we recommend standard format of 10 x 15 cm in the absolute majority of the cases because it’s the most practical proportion for your guests and storage.