Fotonaut is a great device by itself, but we’ve created options to enhance your experience even more and help you have a successful Fotonaut launch! We offer our own personal servers you can use for sharing pictures from events, emergency technical support, access to our unique phone app, as well a host of other benefits. Our mission is to help you succeed, and we offer you all the tools you need to make that happen! Choose the plan that best suits your needs and will help you get a great take-off, as well as stay a steady course. Online plan is free for members of the Fotonaut Academy.

Service Offline Online Franchise
Photo printing
Software updates
Sending photos, videos & GIFs to e-mail
Mobile app for downloading & sharing photos
Online remote management of device & events
Online technical support
Fotonaut brand license
The most favorite backdrops & props
Fotonaut webpage in your language
Transport case set
Marketing package (promo photos & videos, references, brochures)
INITIAL COST Offline €13.900 Online €13.900 Franchise UPON REQUEST
MONTHLY FEE Offline €0 Online €40 Franchise UPON REQUEST